“To ensure a harmonious environment within our Multi-Unit Developments”

The focus of our business is to simply provide outstanding service for all members within a Body Corporate. To be proactive as opposed to reactive and to provide support for all parties involved in your development. We think outside the square to find a solution to any problem that any particular body corporate may face. This may be managing your contractors efficiently to save you money, working with any legal team to undertake any administrative task to save you money or simply working with committees on tasks instead of engaging third parties. Provide us a problem and we will solve it.

Many of ABC clients have been clients for 10 years plus. ABC believe in longevity of relationships and the benefit of consistency for the Property. BC Chairpersons and Committee Members come and go. Each with their own approach and involvement levels. Whether ABC take on a ‘lead’ management position or act in a support role for an active Committee, our wealth of experience and knowledge of the property will be advantageous for the body corporate.

We are competent, capable, committed and we are communicators. We care about our clients and their asset. We are aware of the range of potential problems that a member of a body corporate can face. Not only are we skilled in resolving matters between various parties when there is an issue, we have found an approach of transparency, honesty and open communication bodes well for the body corporate. We respect and embrace the range of opinions and cultures within the collective. We manage these diversities to ensure a harmonious environment for all owners within a multi-unit development.

About Body Corporates is a specialist Body Corporate management company based in Auckland.

We have been in operation since February 2005 and manage with hands on, personal service. We look after a wide variety of commercial and residential multi-unit developments including cross leases and sub-divided land nationwide.

Want to talk?

Want to talk?

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