subdivided land

We Can…

  • Assist with facilitation of any issues you require assistance with regarding the property e.g. liaise with local body or territorial authority.
  • Assist with preparation of constitutions and other documentation for Incorporated Societies, Joint Ventures, Deed of Participations and Company Titles.
  • Place insurance for the common land including liability insurance on behalf of proprietors.
  • Enforce any covenants or rules applicable to the property.
  • Levy all proprietors for any monies payable for the maintenance or other costs as appropriate.
    • Maintain common area’s including all facilities, these may include;
    • Private drainage / bore pumps
    • Private roads
    • Fencing
    • Swimming Pool / Tennis Court / Playground
    • Leasing for grazing of common land
    • Culvert / Dam maintenance
    • Ecology testing of water in any streams
  • Landscaping / Noxious weed control
  • Possum and pest control


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