schedule of duties

As set out within the Unit Titles Regulations 2011 Regulation 11 (1) (a-m) as follows:

  • To maintain the register of unit owners;
  • To prepare the agenda for each general meeting;
  • To chair each general meeting (unless it is agreed at the start of a general meeting that another person will chair that meeting);
  • To prepare minutes of each general meeting;
  • To record resolutions voted on and whether they were passed;
  • To keep financial accounts and records;
  • To submit, on behalf of the body corporate, the body corporate’s financial statements to an independent auditor under section 132 (2)(a) of the Act;
  • To receive reports from the body corporate committee and distribute them to unit owners;
  • To sign documents on behalf of the body corporate;
  • To prepare and issue notices of resolutions to be passed without a general meeting;
  • To notify unit owners of the result of any vote on a resolution to be passed without a general meeting; and
  • To notify the body corporate committee of any delegation of a duty or power by the body corporate to the body corporate committee under section 108 of the Act.

In addition:

  • Prepare an Annual budget for the Body Corporate’s approval.
  • Effect insurances as required under the Act.
  • Submit insurance claims for the Body Corporate.
  • Meetings are held within normal working hours (Monday to Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm). Meetings held outside these times may be subject to additional charges.
  • Deal with the Body Corporates correspondence • Liaise with the territorial authority regarding rates and any other issues.

ABC Ltd may charge an additional fee for the following:

  • Arrange such maintenance, repair or upgrading of the common property as the Body Corporate authorises, • Attend to applications to any referee and any matters arising from those applications.
  • Attend at hearings conducted by tribunals.
  • Attend on solicitors in relation to legal proceedings by the Body Corporate or amendments to Rules/Title Plans or any other legal issues that may arise.
  • Convene and attend any meetings additional to those negotiated within the fees.
  • Major repairs and/or alterations.
  • Prepare pre-contract, additional and pre-settlement disclosure statements for and on behalf of the owners and sign certificates of correctness in respect of pre-settlement disclosure statements.

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