We Will…

  • Tailor our fees dependant on your requirements
  • Facilitate the process for change of secretary
  • Give you a genuine promise to communicate
  • Support & guide you through unfamiliar issues
  • Focus on personal attention – Building relationships
  • Facilitate repairs and maintenance to ensure protection of your investment
  • Assist with weather tightness issues including recladding and litigation as required
  • Offer transparency to all owners.  Visit your files and us at any time.
  • Offer our own large boardroom facilities at no extra charge
  • Type minutes on laptops during meetings to ensure accuracy and distribute within 14 days
  • Use a software program specific to Body Corporate Management & Accounting
  • Manage your Term Deposit funds online with specialised software – preferential interest rates
  • Make ourselves available for any emergency relating to your site 24/7
  • Employ/Replace or Refer a Building Manager if required (and monitor performance)
  • Perform the schedule of duties as set out in the Unit Titles Act (1972)
  • Annual inspection of your property prior to your AGM (if required)

caring for clients

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